Hustle Castle Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks

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The brand new mobile game Hustle Castle just made its worldwide debut in the App Store today November 10, 2017 and has already acquired a fairly large audience. Here we will go over the basics of the game with some tips and tricks to help you get ahead of everyone else!

Hustle Castle mixes very popular App Store games such as Fallout Shelter, Clash of Clans, and other hero versus hero combat games to form a unique game of its own. Mostly based around the infamous Fallout Shelter, Hustle Castle incorporates many of the same mechanics. You are started off in a battle with a few heroes against a very powerful dragon. Once defeated, you are brought to an empty and run down castle where the rest of your story will persist. From there you must build up your rooms, population, and economy to restore your kingdom’s former glory!

Enough backstory! Lets get into the actual guide part!

One of the most important mechanics that most people miss when playing games such as Hustle Castle is room placement. Before you place any rooms, you want to make sure you don’t place two different rooms next to each other. In other words, you want to make sure only rooms with the same function are built next to each other as much as possible. Not only does this look way more organized, but the rooms can then be joined to form significantly larger rooms with more efficiency and functions. Luckily Hustle Castle anticipated players misplacing their rooms from the get-go so they added a function from your Castle Throne where you can pick up and replace your rooms rather than destroying them. Nonetheless, you should place your rooms together from the very beginning for maximum efficiency and a cooler looking kingdom!

Once you plan out where you want your rooms, make sure you build the “Fighter Training Room” first! This is definitely one of the most crucial rooms in the beginning game for Hustle Castle. We’ll get more into the function of it later in the article. The room should cost 1000 which is very affordable due to the 2500 you were given at the start. Make sure you don’t wait the 10 minutes it takes to build! Hustle Castle was nice enough to give us free skip timers for very short upgrades! Skip the build timer for the Fighter Training Room and quickly move onto upgrading your Treasury and Dining Halls (gold and food generators). Skip the timers again! Now your ahead of the game!

Once you spend all of your gold on those upgrades you can either focus on training your heroes or using them to fight for more gold. You’ll have to do both at some point so whichever you choose now does not matter. Fighting seems to be one of the fastest ways to obtain gold. The first few battles reward 300-400 gold each and are very easy to win. Make sure you fight until you can’t win anymore, then return spend your gold on more upgrades and train your heroes.

Train your heroes all the way up to attribute “8” as soon as possible! You can drag and drop both heroes Hustle Castle starts you with into the Fighter Training Room where they will both start increasing their “attributes” making them stronger and be able to wield better weapons. Each level up takes only 2 minutes. Once the 2 minutes is up make sure to click on them to obtain the level and restart the timer. Repeat this until they are level 8 then return to battle!


As you battle more and more, you will receive chests with items in them. More often than not, the items you receive from these free chests will give you very common, basic items. Some, however, may gift you with some stronger armor or powerful weapons. If you ever receive higher level equipment than you previously had, make sure to click on your fighter heroes and equip the new gear on them! Hold onto any old gear you have because workers (those that aren’t fighting for you) can also equip weapons and armor for defense when castle raids occur (yes, you heard me right)!

Once you save up your first 10,000 gold, spend it on upgrading your Throne to level 3. This will unlock more heroes and rooms to be built for quicker production of resources and easier battles. When this happens, don’t forget the first tip! Place similar rooms together if possible! The most important buildings you will unlock in this upgrade are the Hospital and the Living Room. The Hospital restores your dwellers health when the dweller is placed in the room, while the Living Room allows a greater occupancy of dwellers in your Kingdom and allows a place for two of your lucky dwellers to reproduce for babies. We’ll make sure to talk more about babies in a later Hustle Castle Guide!


By this point the special $5 deal pack should have appeared. It really is a great deal if you are looking to grow as a kingdom quickly, but is by no means necessary to progress throughout the game. The weapons and heroes it provides are decent but can quickly be replaces by later game items. The only real value items in it are the additional builder (so you don’t have to wait for upgrade timers) and the 250 gems. But don’t worry, you have 3 days to test the game out until the offer expires. We bought the pack and have a full review of it here.

Congratulations! You just made it through the very beginning of the brand new mobile game Hustle Castle! We will be posting another article going through some of the more advanced techniques in the game very soon. If you haven’t noticed yet, this website will be the main website for everything you need to know about Hustle Castle, so be sure to keep coming back for more guides, tips, tricks, and exclusive news!

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